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What is ConBody Live?

We couldn't keep up with the demand in-studio, so we brought prison-style workouts to you through live streaming.

Workout prison-style from the solitary confinement of your own home.

Get a killer body

Get a killer body

Founder and CEO Coss Marte lost 70lbs in 6 months using his own body weight in his 9x6 prison cell. His ConBody prison style workout is designed to get you Ripped A.F. Hard work pays off. ConBody Live will help you get a killer body so sign up and lets #Dothetime.

Only $5 per month

Only $5 per month

Sign up now and enjoy daily workouts online from just $5 per month. ConBody believes that working out is for anyone that wants to work hard so our introductory offer is cheaper than your daily green juice and will make you feel twice as good. Don't delay, sign up today and #Dothetime.

Workout anywhere

Workout anywhere

All you need is a body, a space the size of a yoga mat and an ex-con shouting at you to follow the ConBody workouts. Bring the workouts to your gym, wherever you travel, into your home or outside with friends. These hard assed workouts are designed to be done in a confined space so no more excuses. You got this and we got you. Get ready to #Dothetime.

Give a 2nd chance to ex-cons

Give a 2nd chance to ex-cons

Look Good. Feel Good. Do Good. Our trainers are ex-cons who have turned their lives around. They are tough, they are smart-assed, they are hard as nails but they will push you, lead you, guide you towards that prison body through the ConBody Live workouts. Sign up for live streaming and work out with some of the funniest, craziest, meanest mo-fos around. They know what it's like to #Dothetime. Are you ready?

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Meet your Trainer

Coss Marte personally oversaw a million-dollar cocaine-and-marijuana empire in New York City before getting busted. Once locked up, however, he not only rethought his life—he conceived an entirely new and original way of getting fit.

Coss Marte

“I was sentenced to 7 years in prison. Doctors told me I would die in five if I didn’t lose weight... so I trained.”

While serving a sentence in his 9’x6 prison cell, Coss Marte developed a unique and effective exercise program without the need for any equipment. Using military bootcamp techniques, and some additional secrets that Coss developed himself, this program is designed to be completed anywhere, anytime.

Committing himself to this program, Coss was able to lose 70 lbs in just six months. Now he brings this exercise program to his studio in NYC and to you wherever you are through ConBody Live.

What others are saying

  • Marnie K, N.Y.

    “I'm usually not big on fitness classes..., but I'm so glad my friend told me about this place! I LOVE the bootcamp classes. They force me to push myself harder than I would on my own and are still fun.”

  • Samara S. Bronx

    “Don't let the tough exterior of the trainers fool you, they're awesome guys and totally encouraging during classes.”

  • Liz L, N.Y.

    “It's so great when you can go to a fitness class and work hard but also have fun at the same time. But, don't stand still during water breaks otherwise you'll have to pay the price-and the currency in Ray's class is burpees.”

  • Mila P, N.Y.

    “"Still sore from my recent class (the Iron Mikes will get you!) and am def making this a part of my workout routine!"”

  • Erin S. Texas

    “ConBody is the absolute bomb - Let's just say it got rather spicy on a Wednesday. As of now, I'm super swollen. I feel like SHMONEY and... I owe it all to Ray.”

  • Danni W, Hollywood, CA

    “There's no way you won't come out looking ripped a.f. if you do this regularly.”

  • Alyssa H, N.Y.

    “Awesome vanity free boot camp style workout!”

  • Samara S. N.Y.

    “Boot camp style without an a**hole teacher. Recommend!”